Welcome to Central Computing Facility 

Central Computing Facility is located in Administrative  Buliding of BRHCET at First floor.This facility provides open source computing platform for the students, staff and faculty of this Institute.

It has got 100 desktop machines with the state of the art configuration to cater the need of software development and programming. All the computers are well connected to the Intranet and Internet with the help of Ethernet Backbone Switches. The main aim of this facility is to provide open source linux computing environment to the students for experimentation, programming, and to carry out project work. 

Purpose and Use of Central Computing Facility:

  • To provide a central site for hands on computer training.
  • Facility to access computing resources to all students, staff and faculty of this institute.
  • To teach different programming languages on open source Linux environment.
  • Environment for students to learn and experiment different software tools to carry out their projects, dissertations and research work.
  • To provide support for training programs, short term courses and technical workshops.
  • Access from all desktop computers to the internet.
  • Facility to carry out online examination on Linux/Open Source Environment.